Liquid eyeliner is one of the most commonly used eye make-up tools but it is also notoriously difficult to master. Choosing not to wear eyeliner or not knowing how to apply it can make some people feel inadequate when it comes to basic make-up skills. And while you shouldn’t feel forced to wear eyeliner if you don’t want to, you might want to read this article to find out how to make eyeliner application a breeze. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start to love it?

Use quality eyeliner products

If you are just starting to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner then there is nothing wrong with using eyeliners from the local drugstore. Be mindful, however, that they rarely are quality products and as such, the application is not the easiest and they don’t tend to last too long. For the perfect eyeliner effect, you should be using cosmetics that are sure to last long without smudging.

Some of the best liquid eyeliners on the market come from NYX. NYX is a make-up brand that has a large following and you can find reviews of best nyx products here. Their eyeliners are especially worth looking at. The NYX Epic Waterproof eyeliner doesn’t cost that much and has a flexible tip so that the user has more control during application. For ultralong-lasting eyeliner, look no further than the NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Eyeliner – it will hold without smudging or fading in any conditions. For other product recommendations, see the Gorgeousville website.

Help yourself with other tools

Trace your eyeliner

A good way of ensuring your eyeliner application is smooth and even on both sides is to first apply a faint eyeliner line using a pencil liner or a similar product. Pencils are easier to control than liquid eyeliners so you can try out different lines and see what works best. Then, simply trace that pencil line with your liquid eyeliner. Knowing exactly where to apply the eyeliner makes it easier to get the desired result.

Use a setting powder

If you notice that your eyeliner is prone to smudging (common for people with oily skin or hooded eyelids), you can use a setting powder on top of it to make it last longer. This powder is usually translucent so it doesn’t do anything to the color of the eyeliner. You just need to put some of it on an eyeshadow brush and lightly powder your eyeliner with it.

Cover your mistakes with other products

Even make-up pros need to use something extra to cover up uneven application sometimes. If your eyeliner has smudged or you accidentally made a thicker line than intended, dip a cotton swab in a concealer and dab it over the unnecessary eyeliner to make it disappear. Alternatively, you can also use make-up remover the same way but be careful not to remove too much of the eyeliner.

Applying liquid eyeliner is not easy so don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques to see what works for you. Few people get it right on their first try so don’t get discouraged. With enough practice, anyone can rock a perfect-looking eyeliner.

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How Camping Improves Our Life, Health and Wellbeing

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the world for a very good reason. It’s a way for us to connect with nature and live closer to our ancestors’ way of life. Being able to just pack a tent and escape the outside world for a few days is is especially important to our mental wellbeing. Feeling the grass on our bare feet relaxes us and gives us a moment to catch our breath in a peaceful environment. As the fresh air clears up our lungs, the green scenery washes over our eyes, relieving our brains of stress and tension. When it comes to children, camping and hiking teaches them discipline and responsibility, as well as a deep appreciation for mother nature. It also shows them that they’re responsible for setting up shelter and cooking their own food. Moreover, they learn from a very young age to always clean up after themselves. To top that, camping provides both kids and adults with some much needed time away from screens.

Camping is one of those activities that is done differently depending on individual preference: some people favor driving to a campsite and spending a few nights there, while others go on week-long treks, walking during the day and camping out at nighttime. Most people can say that they’ve gone camping at least once in their life. However, when asked about whether they would do it again, about half would definitely say ‘no’ without hesitation. Why is that? Well, it probably has a lot to do with the plainness of it all. By that, I mean that most of us are not overly excited about giving up the wonderful things we are accustomed to (electricity, the internet, hot baths, a fully stocked fridge and, last but not least, being in close vicinity to a toilet). But what if there was a way to take a bit of home with us when we go camping?

Portable Toilets

If you’re not an avid camper or an outdoorsy person, chances are you haven’t heard of portable toilets. These wonderful devices are meant to appeal to people who love camping, but hesitate to do it more often because of the lack of amenities. Sure, we can cook over an open fire and bathe in a nearby river, but doing our business while squatting over spiky bushes or ants’ nests takes some more convincing. Portable toilets are light, compact and safe, and they can help make any campsite feel a little more comfortable. They’re very easy to empty and clean out once you’re done, so no more worrying about getting insect bites in unseemly places or collecting toilet paper bits in a bin bag. All you have to do is place the toilet a short distance away from your tent and you have your very own outdoor bathroom. How convenient is that? I know you’re asking yourself: ‘which is the best portable toilet and how do I choose the right one for my needs?’ Well, The Lake and Stars has compiled a list of some of the greatest deals on the market right now. Be sure to check out their website!

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Baby Moves

Babies are a lot of work. They need (and deserve) constant care and attention. When they first come home, they don’t do much besides cry, sleep, and eat. In that particular order. However, as they get older, the fun part begins, they are attracted to paints and colors. They start to move around a lot more and display their adorable, more curious side. They also get more energy, so it’s less of the napping, more of the crawling, and kicking their little feet in the air.

Luckily for us, babies are endowed with a magical power most adults sadly surrender as they mature: the ability to know exactly what they want and when they want it. See, babies are built with new parents in mind. If they didn’t cry to alert us when they were hungry or scream when they got tired, we would be completely lost.

We’re hardwired to respond to a youngster’s howls in a split second and this is essential to our survival as a species. Plus, mother nature was determined to make that sound absolutely unbearable to the ear. Would you get up and help a child if their screams sounded like soft, harp music? Yeah, I don’t think so. After all, this is just a safety mechanism that’s in place to ensure the well-being of the infant, not that of your eardrums.

However, we can’t be blamed for needing a well-deserved break from the constant sobbing every once in a while. Sometimes, a baby will keep crying, not because it needs something, but because they crave being close to someone. A baby that is not constantly touched and coddled by someone is rarely a happy camper. Whether it’s during playtime or right before bed, they need the comfort of knowing someone’s right there with them. At times, you have to rock your child for ages before they actually fall asleep only for them to wake up as you lay them in the crib. If only there was a way to bypass that…

King of Swings

Humans, at their best, are so ingenious that it seems we’re always thinking of stuff to make our lives just that tiny bit easier. And, it seems that we are extremely concerned with the wellbeing of the youngest members of our society (and that of their caretakers, of course). A very smart man noticed how important movement was for children during the early stages of their development. He came up with the perfect solution: the baby swing. Ever noticed how effortlessly your baby falls asleep during car rides? Or how easy it is for them to doze off on the way home from the park? Turns out, that soothing motion is the key to their smooth drift into dreamland. Electric baby swings gently rock the baby with the help of extremely silent motors. They mimic the sensation of being held, doing the hard work for you. You no longer have to pace back and forth around the room for hours on end. They can stay in the swing for the entire duration of their nap. If you need to keep an eye on them, just plop them into the swing and run some errands around the house. If you’re in the market for one, check out the best baby swing on Lille Nord!

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Are you on a spree to find a digital piano with good looks and a fine sound alike? Or simply trying to learn what’s what regarding progress in the music industry? Regardless of what got you here, there’s no way you’ll leave the page without at least viewing digital pianos a competitive alternative to the acoustic ones.

If you don’t know much about where digital advancements brought us, it might strike you that in our days a digital piano can vividly mimic the original classical instrument. Besides, the many digital features they come with allow electric pianos to be used in more complex ways than their older ancestors are. Thus, you can combine voices, play with headphones, and change between sounds within a single device. In your journey towards the best digital piano, we’ve compiled a list of things you should consider so that you end up with an efficient instrument.

Essential factors to buying a digital piano

Before you proceed to purchase your electric instrument, there are a few factors to bear in mind:  

Budget. Define your budget before you look at models and brands. The market supplies products that have both accessible prices and others that get to a few thousand dollars. If you are new to the music world, and experience for the first time playing the piano, choose a model with a lower price.

Sound Quality. The most important asset of a digital piano is not to sound artificial, but as authentic as possible to the acoustic instrument. Thus, look for an electric piano with vast digital memory that enhances the quality of the sound.

Keyboard and Touch Response. Regarding the number of keys, you should choose a piano that provides 88 keys, just as the classic ones do. Moreover, for a fully authentic experience, many digital pianos are designed with fully-weighted keys that replicate the feel of a real piano. At last, the touch response is crucial to a genuine piano play. Look for models that provide a quick touch response!

The best digital pianos to practice your skills on

Digital piano reviews on have helped us sort through the wide array of models and brands that stud the market today. We chose our top option from their list that comes with positive consumers’ reviews, high-end features, and an inviting design.

Casio Privia PX-160 Piano Bundle is our favorite digital piano due to not only its outstanding sound and appealing features but also the design that gracefully mimics an acoustic piano. The model integrates a leading in the market speaker system that creates harmonious, authentic sounds. This 88-key Casio piano includes split and layer capabilities and a duet mode. What’s more, the accessories that the product disposes of, enable you to start playing as soon as you unbox it. it includes a furniture-style bench, music rest, instructional DVD, and online lessons. What a bargain, right?

Moreover, the product provides a set of headphones too, so that you can play your favorite pieces even at inappropriate hours.

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At our restaurant, we only use the best ingredients for your food and the absolute most delicious coffee you could drink in this town! When it comes to coffee, we only work with the experts, such as that recommended us some of the best cappuccino makers on the market to deliver you the absolute best possible coffee!
It’s good to know that we cook our food in the healthiest possible way, for example, we use oil-less deep fryers and hot steamers to cook many of our dishes.
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In a world full of axes and bulky polluting machines, be the one who explores the innovations of an alternative log splitter. What makes it different? A mixture of human force and automatization all integrated within a compact, easy-to-use machine. Log splitters won us on both ends.

If you’ve been splitting logs for the past years, you vividly now the pain of cutting logs with an ax for days. The combination of backpain and a monotonous, enduring process makes splitting logs inefficiently tedious.

To restore you some hope, this article discusses the advantages of alternative log splitters along with some editor’s picks.

What makes a log splitter your best option?

Fast performance

Traditionally, splitting wood for fire was a strenuous activity that used to take a few days. As years have been passing by, new technologies have evolved, and the dirty hands log splitter is one of them. The machine works fast and easily splits the largest of logs, which a human would break after quite a few hits with the ax.

Environmentally friendly

Log splitters spread into four categories: manual, hydraulic, electric, and gas-powered. Manual and hydraulic log splitters don’t cause any damage to the planet since you power them manually. On the other hand, gas-powered splitters take their energy from exhaust gases, which, however, are not that hazardous as petroleum fuels.

Saves time

The machine not only saves you from splitting wood days on end but also saves global time since the procedure itself takes very little to perform. Moreover, electric and gas-powered log splitters are abundantly more efficient than manual splitters since they don’t depend on the human workforce.

Requires little maintenance

While manual splitters demand very little preservation, which consists of periodically adding oils, powered splitters will need both regular addition of oil and fuel refillings. However, apart from these maintenance procedures, log splitters won’t bother you and your work.

Leaves minimal work for you

Our top pick for log splitters – Sun Joe 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Sun Joe impresses us on many levels. Firstly, we love that the machine doesn’t damage the environment and performs an entirely clean job. Also, better than manual splitters, Sun Joe doesn’t require much human force since the machine provides easy-to-control operating handles. Functionally, the splitter provides up to 10-tons of driving force which helps the splitting of the largest logs. Portability-wise, the splitter has two wheels attached at the back for easily transporting it around.

Wood splitter accessories

  • Dirty Hands Tools powered log splitter cover
    The brand sells customizable covers for log splitters to protect the machines from cold temperatures and the sunlight. Moreover, the covers feature water-repellent structure, thus you could simply leave your splitter in the rain and not be affected by the weather.
  • Boss Industrial log tray
    The device’s main feature is collecting the split logs so that you don’t have to constantly bend to collect them. You could use the tray for splitting larger logs that wouldn’t normally fit on the splitter.
  • Yard Max log table
    Some additional space for working or placing the logs is always welcome. A log table provides you with the necessary space to either place parts of the split log or utilize it for some other duty you pursue.
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