6 Benefits of Log Splitters

In a world full of axes and bulky polluting machines, be the one who explores the innovations of an alternative log splitter. What makes it different? A mixture of human force and automatization all integrated within a compact, easy-to-use machine. Log splitters won us on both ends.

If you’ve been splitting logs for the past years, you vividly now the pain of cutting logs with an ax for days. The combination of backpain and a monotonous, enduring process makes splitting logs inefficiently tedious.

To restore you some hope, this article discusses the advantages of alternative log splitters along with some editor’s picks.

What makes a log splitter your best option?

Fast performance

Traditionally, splitting wood for fire was a strenuous activity that used to take a few days. As years have been passing by, new technologies have evolved, and the dirty hands log splitter is one of them. The machine works fast and easily splits the largest of logs, which a human would break after quite a few hits with the ax.

Environmentally friendly

Log splitters spread into four categories: manual, hydraulic, electric, and gas-powered. Manual and hydraulic log splitters don’t cause any damage to the planet since you power them manually. On the other hand, gas-powered splitters take their energy from exhaust gases, which, however, are not that hazardous as petroleum fuels.

Saves time

The machine not only saves you from splitting wood days on end but also saves global time since the procedure itself takes very little to perform. Moreover, electric and gas-powered log splitters are abundantly more efficient than manual splitters since they don’t depend on the human workforce.

Requires little maintenance

While manual splitters demand very little preservation, which consists of periodically adding oils, powered splitters will need both regular addition of oil and fuel refillings. However, apart from these maintenance procedures, log splitters won’t bother you and your work.

Leaves minimal work for you

Our top pick for log splitters – Sun Joe 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Sun Joe impresses us on many levels. Firstly, we love that the machine doesn’t damage the environment and performs an entirely clean job. Also, better than manual splitters, Sun Joe doesn’t require much human force since the machine provides easy-to-control operating handles. Functionally, the splitter provides up to 10-tons of driving force which helps the splitting of the largest logs. Portability-wise, the splitter has two wheels attached at the back for easily transporting it around.

Wood splitter accessories

  • Dirty Hands Tools powered log splitter cover
    The brand sells customizable covers for log splitters to protect the machines from cold temperatures and the sunlight. Moreover, the covers feature water-repellent structure, thus you could simply leave your splitter in the rain and not be affected by the weather.
  • Boss Industrial log tray
    The device’s main feature is collecting the split logs so that you don’t have to constantly bend to collect them. You could use the tray for splitting larger logs that wouldn’t normally fit on the splitter.
  • Yard Max log table
    Some additional space for working or placing the logs is always welcome. A log table provides you with the necessary space to either place parts of the split log or utilize it for some other duty you pursue.
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