How to apply perfect-looking liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is one of the most commonly used eye make-up tools but it is also notoriously difficult to master. Choosing not to wear eyeliner or not knowing how to apply it can make some people feel inadequate when it comes to basic make-up skills. And while you shouldn’t feel forced to wear eyeliner if you don’t want to, you might want to read this article to find out how to make eyeliner application a breeze. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start to love it?

Use quality eyeliner products

If you are just starting to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner then there is nothing wrong with using eyeliners from the local drugstore. Be mindful, however, that they rarely are quality products and as such, the application is not the easiest and they don’t tend to last too long. For the perfect eyeliner effect, you should be using cosmetics that are sure to last long without smudging.

Some of the best liquid eyeliners on the market come from NYX. NYX is a make-up brand that has a large following and you can find reviews of best nyx products here. Their eyeliners are especially worth looking at. The NYX Epic Waterproof eyeliner doesn’t cost that much and has a flexible tip so that the user has more control during application. For ultralong-lasting eyeliner, look no further than the NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Eyeliner – it will hold without smudging or fading in any conditions. For other product recommendations, see the Gorgeousville website.

Help yourself with other tools

Trace your eyeliner

A good way of ensuring your eyeliner application is smooth and even on both sides is to first apply a faint eyeliner line using a pencil liner or a similar product. Pencils are easier to control than liquid eyeliners so you can try out different lines and see what works best. Then, simply trace that pencil line with your liquid eyeliner. Knowing exactly where to apply the eyeliner makes it easier to get the desired result.

Use a setting powder

If you notice that your eyeliner is prone to smudging (common for people with oily skin or hooded eyelids), you can use a setting powder on top of it to make it last longer. This powder is usually translucent so it doesn’t do anything to the color of the eyeliner. You just need to put some of it on an eyeshadow brush and lightly powder your eyeliner with it.

Cover your mistakes with other products

Even make-up pros need to use something extra to cover up uneven application sometimes. If your eyeliner has smudged or you accidentally made a thicker line than intended, dip a cotton swab in a concealer and dab it over the unnecessary eyeliner to make it disappear. Alternatively, you can also use make-up remover the same way but be careful not to remove too much of the eyeliner.

Applying liquid eyeliner is not easy so don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques to see what works for you. Few people get it right on their first try so don’t get discouraged. With enough practice, anyone can rock a perfect-looking eyeliner.

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